Construction has been shut down by the rainy season and will resume in the Spring. In order to prepare volunteers for Summer 2015 volunteer work, there will be a training on January 11th from 10am-2pm.  Please meet at Picnic Area #2.  Bring your bike and a helmet!

Space is limited.  RSVP: Kirk Schroeder at

About 2/3 of Phase I of the Bike Park has been completed:

  • Perimeter trail is rough graded, some parts finished, including berms on lower section.
  • Maintenance trail is installed and aggregate base armoring is being compacted.
  • We’ve started the progression trails, but only the starting point and the first two jumps.
  • Pump tracks are graded flat and ready for volunteers (but we don’t want volunteers on site yet).
  • DG paving for children’s area is installed.
  • Base rock for asphalt paving near children’s area is installed and compacted.
  • Plumbing and concrete paving for drinking fountain is installed.
  • Concrete paving for  bike rack is installed.
  • Fence at children’s play area is installed
  • Gates and site furnishings (picnic tables, benches, etc.) have been purchased.
  • Irrigation system is currently being installed (nearly 1 mile of pipe!).  Irrigation will be completed in 2 weeks.

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